What is PaF?

PaF, short for Parents and Friends of Radbrook Primary School, is a volunteer group run by parents and friends of Radbrook Primary School for the benefit of Radbrook Primary School and all of its pupils.

What is the aim of PaF?

PaF’s aims are to:

  • organise fun events to raise money to buy equipment and resources to enhance the education of all pupils and the facilities of the school
  • build closer links between home and school
  • bring staff, parents and friends together in support of the school

Who’s on the PaF Committee?

See the About page.

When is the PaF AGM held?

The PaF AGM is held in March each year and all parents and friends are welcome to attend. It’s also the time when we elect our new committee. Feel free to come along and see what we’re all about, see familiar faces and make new friends.

When was PaF started?

Originally called Radbrook School and Home Association, the group started life in April 1989, the same year the school opened. To reinvigorate the group, the decision was made to rename the group Parents and Friends of Radbrook Primary School at the 2007 AGM. A new constitution was adopted at the same time.

Why is PaF a registered charity?

The Charities Act 1993 requires organisations such as ours with an annual income in excess of £1,000 to register with the Charity Commission. As a Charity we must abide by Charity Commission rules and regulations and we are bound by a constitution. Our constitution sets out rules about how we operate and how we conduct ourselves. Being a Registered Charity gives us many extra benefits:

  • We are able to apply for Gift Aid, which can earn us an extra 25p in every pound donated to PaF, out of earned income
  • We can raise funds more easily from grant giving trusts, local businesses, etc
  • We can take advantage of charity matched giving schemes

Parents and Friends of Radbrook Primary School is registered charity No. 1044330.

Is PaF a member of PTA-UK (formerly NCPTA)?

Yes. PaF is a member of PTA-UK, which offers help and support to 13,000 similar organisations around the country.

Do you receive support from local businesses?

Yes. We are always well supported by local businesses, for which we are very grateful. Many of our local businesses are very generous in their donations of raffle prizes. Some make cash donations, and some use matched giving schemes to support the efforts of their employees when they raise funds for us.

Can I use Gift Aid to make a donation?

Yes. If you’re a UK taxpayer, the Gift Aid scheme allows us to boost your cash or cheque donation by 25%. For example, if you donate £100, we can boost that to £125 simply by claiming the tax back from the Inland Revenue. All you need to do is complete our Gift Aid Declaration stating your full name, address and post code and that’s it – we do all the rest. (To qualify for Gift Aid, what you pay in income tax or capital gains tax must at least equal the amount we will claim in the tax year.)

Gift Aid is a great way to boost our funds, so if you are thinking of making a cash or cheque donation, please download and complete the PaF Gift Aid Declaration form and put it in a sealed envelope, along with your donation, address it to ‘The Treasurer, Parents and Friends of Radbrook Primary School’ and hand it in at the school office, or post it to us via the school. Click here for our address.

Gift Aid can also be used to boost sponsorship money. For example, if people sponsor you to run a marathon and you raise £100 for PaF, we can boost that to £128 so long as your sponsors have completed a Gift Aid Declaration.

If you’d like to raise money for PaF through sponsorship and boost the money raised with Gift Aid, please download the PaF Gift Aid Sponsorship form and get your sponsors to fill in their full name, address, post code and tick the Gift Aid box. When you’ve completed your money-raising event and collected the money, put it in a sealed envelope, along with the completed PaF Gift Aid Sponsorship form and hand it in at the school office addressed to ‘The Treasurer, Parents and Friends of Radbrook Primary School’, or post it to us via the school. Click here for our address. If your sponsors are parents at the school, we can arrange it so that sponsorship money can be handed in at the school office.

Can I use matched giving?

Yes. If your employer runs a matched giving scheme, they can donate an amount of money relating to the amount that you donate or fundraise for us. For example, if you run a stall and make a profit of £65, your employer may match that with a donation of £65 (assuming they offer a 100% match), doubling the amount raised. Many larger companies support matched giving. Ask your boss for details.

How is the money raised spent?

See the How the money’s spent page.

How do you keep parents up to date with what’s happening?

Meetings and events are publicised via this website, our Facebook group and sometimes via ParentMail or letter sent home from school. Contact us directly if you like.

How can I get involved?

See the Getting involved page.

How can I contact PaF?

See the Contact us page.


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Parents and Friends of Radbrook Primary School is a registered charity, No: 1044330.

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